About Blue Sapphire Gemstone (Neelam Ratna)

Saturn one of the most dominating and ferocious planet in the assembly of all nine planets in the universe is acknowledged for its captivating force to create either positive or negative impact on the lives of all individuals as per its planetary position in their respective horoscopes. The blue sapphire gemstone is known to act as the promoter of this planet powers on earth.

Thus, it holds all captivating and vital powers of the Saturn and solely responsible for creating positive or negative impacts on human being’s life. The blue sapphire stone is affiliated with the corundum family; it is a natural occurring gemstone comprises of mineral like aluminum and small traces of cobalt and other material that all together aids in developing a beautiful blue color stone.

The blue sapphire stone is one of the hardest mineral found on the earth. The hardness of the stone can be measured 9.0 on the moh scale. The stunning gemstone blue sapphire is mostly being used for the jewelry’s purpose, such as rings, necklace, bracelet and pendant.

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There are different categories of blue sapphire gemstone depends upon the inclusions and other various quality factors. All blue sapphire gemstones are natural, unheated, untreated and certified.

Blue Sapphire Standard Grade:

The standard blue sapphire contains inclusions that can be visible to an individual with bare eyes. The quality of the standard category blue sapphire is not too high, yet the price of the standard quality blue sapphire is reasonable that allow every individual to think about wearing this stone. The price of one carat standard blue sapphire ranges in between 2500+ Rs per carat

Fine quality blue sapphire:

The fine quality blue sapphire will have less inclusions and it is barely possible to spot inclusions with bare eyes. Due to its quality parameter the price of the stone is around 2500+ Rs per carat.

The Premium Quality blue sapphire:

The premium quality blue sapphire gemstone is high quality gemstone. It encompasses only little inclusion that is barely seen with the naked eyes.  The cut, clarity and inclusions make this stone one of the best looking gemstone. Thus, considering the overall facts in the favor of this stone, the price of premium blue sapphire will range from 15000+ per carat.

The super premium blue sapphire:

The super premium blue sapphire stones are extremely high quality stone. On the parameter of quality, the super premium blue sapphire is so rich that it is almost impossible to spot any inclusions even with the help of a microscope. Therefore, the price of this stone is around 25000+ per carat.

Advantages of wearing Blue Sapphire Gemstone:

  • Astrologers have strongly believed that wearing this blue color gem evokes creativity, courage, determination and intelligence.
  • The blue sapphire diffuses happiness, love and understanding in relationships and promotes marital bliss and luck in its wearer life.
  • The stone also endorses creativity and spontaneity in its wearer life. It helps in dispelling the negative thoughts from the mind and pushes positive thinking in mind.
  • Those individuals who are suffering from financial adversities should wear this impressive blue color sapphire to get rid-off financial adversities.
  • The effective blue sapphire stone also fends -off against serious diseases related to the kidney, liver and brain. Furthermore, it also combats against evil spirits, ghosts and black magic.
  • The blue sapphire can be classified into four types on the basis of quality and number of inclusions in the stone.

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