4 Effective Ways To Choose Natural Blue Sapphire Stone

The blue sapphire stone also known as Neelam Ratna in Hindi relates to the corundum family. The hardness of this stone is 9.0 which is just subsequently to diamond stone. The fine color and enduring properties both physical and chemical makes this stone center of attraction. The word corundum is derived from the Sanskrit word Kuruvindam that means “ruby sapphire”.

In regard to this, the sapphire originates from the Persian word Safir which means blue. Earlier, the sapphire was recognized distinctively, but in the 19th century, the name sapphire changed to corundum.  The sapphire is spotted in diverse colors nonetheless; blue is recognized to be the optimum color for sapphire.

The most of sapphires do not reflect the diverse range of color only limited varieties of sapphire has obtained the quality to exhibit various colors.  The blue sapphire stone is ideally one of the best looking gemstone. And, it is being majorly used for jewelry items and astrological purposes as well. Nevertheless, before buying a blue sapphire stone one must know how to choose a blue sapphire stone.

Blue Sapphire Gemstone (Neelam) Physical Properties:


The cut of the blue sapphire stone is immensely important which should be properly examined. The cut of the stone enhances the quality of blue sapphire gemstone and make this stone used for different purposes. A blue sapphire stone can be cut in different shapes including:

  • Round Cut
  • Marquise Cut
  • Cushion Cut
  • Princess cut
  • Heart Cut
  • Pear Cut
  • Mixed Cut
  • Cabochon
  • Square Emerald
  • Cushion

However, among all cuts cushion and oval cut blue sapphire stone is termed as best looking stones. Since, a blue sapphire stone with cushion or oval cut exposes the brilliance and hidden facets of the stone entirely. A perfect cut blue sapphire stone appears fabulous. Nonetheless, the price of fine cut stone is more than a simple cut stone.


The color of the blue sapphire stone varies from light blue to dark blue determines by factors such as saturation, hue and color. The colors of blue sapphire are greatly affected by the presence of a quantity of Saturation, Hue and intensity of color. The presence of hue, saturation and intensity of blue generate different colors ranging from dark blue to midnight to soft blue. The price of the blue sapphire gemstone is majorly influenced with saturation, hue and intensity of color. Thus, a light blue sapphire with great hue and Saturation is of better quality as compare to dark color blue sapphire.


While purchasing a blue sapphire stone inspects clarity of the stone. A sapphire blue that possesses large inclusion does not consider being the best quality blue sapphire stone. On the other hand, a blue sapphire with low inclusion or no inclusion can be termed as a best quality blue sapphire stone. The clarity of blue sapphire can be classified into six types: Eye Clean, Loupe Clean, over 95% Clarity and opaque stone.


Carat: The Blue Sapphire stone is spotted in massive sizes due to the fact that these stones are mined from rocks so the size varies considerably. A 536 carat star sapphire known as the Star of India, probably the largest such gem in the world .Due to the subtle nature of large stone a stone above 15 carats are considered to be largely exotic. The price of blue sapphire stone increases as per the carat weight increases. Therefore, while buying this stone, consider your budget and choose a blue sapphire stone with carat which suits your budget.

So these are the things which need to be considered while buying blue sapphire stone.

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