Step By Step Procedure Of Heat Treating A Blue Sapphire Stone

A natural blue sapphire stone is often colorless. It does not display any color when it is excavated from the mines. Besides being colorless, it is extremely mammoth in size as well as unappealing to viewers. Hence, to make it appear desirable and usable; sapphires are being introduced to various treatments such as color treatments, heat treatments, and other chemical treatments.

Does wearing A Treated Blue Sapphire stone worth?

Spotting a real natural blue sapphire stone is extremely rare, and limited availability of original Sapphires also fuels the importance of this auspicious stone. Since it is already mentioned that attaining a natural blue sapphire is not possible for everyone because of its scarce availability & sky rocket price.

Thus, considering the uprising demand among the people for this benevolent stone, gemologist has invented different treatment techniques such as heat treatments, color treatments, cut and other chemical treatments.

According to an estimation around 90 percent of blue sapphires available in the market are being enhanced or perceived treatments in some way. Thus, it totally worths if you adopt alluring blue color treated or enhanced sapphires tones.

How Blue Sapphire stone is heat treated:

Heat treatment means warming or heating a rough sapphire stone at extremely high temperature to dissolve or wash away all types of impurities glued with that stone. Besides this, heat treatment also helps in advancing the color & clarity of this stone. It is one, it’s kind of unique treatment or advancement that does not require any chemical adulteration in the stones atomic structure.

Step by step procedure of Heat Treating A Sapphire:

First of all, pick your rough stone which you want to get treated. Now, take this stone to an expert gemologist, he/she will devise strategies after evaluating your stone that on what temperature stone is being heated. This treatment does not specify the outcome color of the treatment. However, most often sapphires or stones display either yellow or blue color after the treatment.

Now choose the temperature with immense care because cooking it on intensely high temperature may even destroy the entire shades of the stone.

The ideal temperature to warm this stone is in between 1600 Celsius to 1800 Celsius for two hours specifically, if you are opting for light blue color. On the other hand, if you want dark or rich blue color, then it must be warmed up to 20 hours. However, expert intervention is a must because heating a sapphire is a quite risky affair.

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