Can Blue Sapphire And Pearl Stone Be Worn Together?

Blue sapphire and pearl stone both fall under the category of precious gemstones. The stunning blue sapphire stone belongs to the dominant and fastest-acting planet Saturn which is promulgated of bringing instant wealth, financial stability, sound health, spirituality, and peace.

Similarly, being a precious gemstone pearl stone also belongs to the auspicious planet Moon which signifies peace, intellect, boosts self- confidence gets rid-off from blood-related and bladder diseases.

Hence, analyzing the above-given description of both blue sapphire and pearl gemstone. It would be appropriate to state that wearing both precious stones will bring positive results in the lives of its wearer.

Now the question of which generally pops up in the mind of a normal person is whether he/she can wear blue sapphire and pearl gemstone together in order to avail their superlative properties conjointly in their lives? Let’s know can Blue Sapphire and Pearlstone be worn together?

So, the answer to this question is that it is not feasible to adopt pearl and blue sapphire stone together because Saturn and Moon share inimical relation.

Thus, wearing their corresponding gemstones blue sapphire and pearl will instead of displaying any positive results bring out negative or dreadful results for its wearer.

As per astrology, the Saturn rules over the powerful gemstone blue sapphire which means that blue sapphire absorbs the dominating powers of planet Saturn inside it. Similarly, the moon rules over the white color gemstone pearl on earth and it captures the celestial powers of planet moon on the earth.

And, as per astrologers, the Moon is the enemy of the planet Saturn. Therefore, considering the above fact, one should avoid wearing blue sapphire and pearl stones together.


Nonetheless, if anyone eager to wear and explore this new horizon, he/she must seek the permission of an astrologer before coming to a conclusion because Saturn is known for its ferocious behavior and being placed in the negative or ill houses; it will bring dreadful results in one’s life. Hence, it is always suggested consulting an astrologer before wearing any precious stone.