Value of Kashmir Blue Sapphire Gemstone

Kashmir blue sapphire stone is acknowledged as being one of the most valuable and mesmerizing gemstones.

The stone attains enchanting characteristics which attract everyone toward this stone.

The Kashmir blue sapphire stone is a rare gemstone which indirectly appraises the value of the Kashmiri blue sapphire gemstone.

The brilliant properties like intriguing color and brilliant shine of this gem escalate the overall value of this stone.

Earlier this stone was hidden in the lap of snow-capped Himalayas. The Himalayas mine is referred to being the highest mine ever found in the world. It is estimated that first sapphire was mined in the Himalayas around the inception of 1800 century.

However, afterward it was stopped till the 19th century, but thereafter due to its demand and popularity mining activities started again.

Due to the color, sharpness, and brilliance, this stone is referred to being the pre-eminent among all sapphires.

Kashmiri blue sapphire jewelry items such as rings, necklace, pendant, and bracelet are indicative of royalty and richness.

Although the price of Kashmiri blue sapphire stone has been extremely high yet, its excellent qualities reimburse for that adequately.

Due to high demand and attractiveness of people toward this gemstone, some gem sellers sell the fake Kashmiri blue sapphire labeled as natural Kashmiri blue sapphire.

This trend has been growing rapidly which is apprehensive because people are paying their hard earn money to buy synthetic sapphire.

This uprising trend should be hindered by spreading awareness among people about Kashmiri sapphire.

In the above context, one should remember that Kashmir blue sapphire is the extremely rare stone which is found in confined quantity.

And, only a few dealers around the world are adequate of catering the demand of original Kashmir blue sapphire.


The physical attribute of this stone is so classy that one can easily differentiate between a normal blue sapphire and Kashmiri sapphire.

The soft blue color and eye clean clarity are key characteristics of this gem which is not being found in most minerals or gemstones.

Hence, due to its captivating qualities, it is extensively easy to recognize a Kashmir blue sapphire stone if a person carefully examines a blue sapphire. This stone can predominately be worn as various jewelry items such as rings, necklace, pendants and earrings.