Where To Buy High Quality Blue Sapphire Gemstones?


Blue sapphire stone is one of the most beautiful looking gemstones which this nature has offered to us. The mesmerizing blue color of this precious stone draws the attention of everyone toward it.

People often out of curiosity ensure that where to buy the best quality blue sapphire stones? The answer to the above-mentioned question is not quite simple because this stone is found in various parts of the world.

And, there is more than one country around the world that has been acknowledged for extracting brilliant quality of blue sapphire stone. Therefore, it is extremely hard to take out one name.

The countries like Sri Lanka, Burma, India, and Myanmar are immensely popular for mining high-quality blue sapphire stones. Mostly, the excellent blue sapphires being used for astrological purposes or adorning them with the different forms of pieces of jewelry such as rings, necklaces, and earrings.

Sri Lankan or Ceylon Blue Sapphire:

Ceylon blue sapphire is considered as the most beautiful looking gemstones. It is found in large quantity in the Sri Lankan region. In Ceylon, this stone is found in different rocks and in varieties of shades or colors.

In this region, the stone is captured from regions such as Ratanpur, Rrakbana and south regions of Sri Lanka.


Burmese sapphire stone is also quite popular among the gem lovers. The Burmese blue sapphire possesses excellent hue and color which is extremely hard to acquire.

It is found in various attractive colors and shape. And, mostly worn in the form of rings, necklace, pendants, and earrings.

The stone holds a less number of inclusions therefore, it will be ideal for adopting as rings to gain astrological benefits.


In India, the best quality sapphire stone is found in the Kashmir region. It is also stated as being the excellent quality of sapphire. It is called or said mayor Neelam due to its color resembles identical to the peacock neck.

The stone reflects the stunning blue color in artificial or sunlight. Apart from Kashmir, this stone is also found in some parts of South India.

So, if you want to wear high-quality sapphire stone. Then purchase it from the above-mentioned places. And, you won’t regret your decision, in order to buy Ceylon blue sapphire, Burma  sapphire.