Buying Gemstones online can be quite daunting and nerve-wracking because natural gemstones are luxury items and have a direct influence on every aspect of your life.

Thus, people have many doubts while buying them online. But are Gemstone experts are always up for helping them with their thick chunk of gemstone information.

Here we are sharing a list of top 10 most frequently asked questions by buyers online. We hope they will be useful for you too.

Q 1: What size of Blue Sapphire (Neelam) will suit me?

Gemstone Expert: Although, what size of Blue Sapphire will bring healing effects for you largely depends upon your horoscope and position of Saturn and its malefic nature, but another important component is your body weight too. For example, if you weigh between 95 – 100, only a gem of 9-10 ratti will be able to help you.

Q 2: Which is the most authentic and trustable Gem Certification Authority in India?

Gemstone Expert: Now, There is a gamut of gemstone certification institutions in India, but GJPEC (Sponsored by The Ministry of Commerce and Industry) and GSI remain towering influences in this market because of government backing. But in Private Companies, Gemlab Laboratories has become a reputed name for authentication and honesty.

Q 3: Can I Gift a Blue Sapphire to my loved ones?

Gemstone Expert: Most definitely, but gifting of a natural blue sapphire should be done only after thorough consultation with an expert astrologer because if planetary positions do not allow for wearing a blue sapphire, it can create havoc in the life of your loved one.

Q 4: What is your Return and Shipping Policy?

Gemstone Expert: If you cancel the order before it is shipped, we will refund the entire amount. We offer you a 7 days Peace of Mind Guarantee on all the products that you purchase from us. Please inform us within 24 hours if you receive the product damaged or broken. And yes, your every order is completely secured with GTS through which you can track your order anytime once it’s shipped.

Q 5: Are the gemstones displayed on your website natural and precious, unheated and untreated?

Gemstone Expert: Yes, each and every gemstone displayed on our website are natural, belonging to the precious gemstones category. They are unheated and untreated to protect the healing powers, which they contain inside them.

Q 6: Do I get the same gemstone which I select on your website?

Gemstone Expert: We offer a REAL-TIME PRODUCT DISPLAY of natural blue sapphires, an achievement which very few online sellers can boast off that’s why what you see and select is what you will get.

Q 7: What comes with the product package?

Gemstone Expert: With your product comes a GEM AUTHENTICATION CERTIFICATE with a valid GIN (Gem Identification Number) displayed on it. You can check the authenticity of your stone by tracking your GIN online. You also get the Gemstone Wearing Method Card which helps you to get maximum effects from your stone.

Q 8: Are these gemstones energized or I have to do some rituals to activate their powers?

Gemstone Expert: Although we provide you with Gemstone Wearing Card on which Rituals and Mantras are written, we can get Gemstone Pooja done by experts if the client desires so.

Q 9: Are darker gemstones more effective astrologically than lighter ones?

Gemstone Expert: The color of a natural Gemstone depends upon its origin and treatments performed on it. Astrologically color is not important, the properties are. These myths are created by astrologers. Only a darker tone of the gemstone cannot guarantee results.

Q 10: How do I determine that a sapphire has not been heated?

Gemstone Expert: Unless and until the gemstone is not tested by a reputed Gemological Laboratory, it is impossible to determine. Do not trust hit ant trial tricks suggested by local astrologers to determine the naturality of a gemstone.