A Tale About Kashmiri Blue Sapphire Gemstone


Kashmiri blue sapphire is rarest and most beautiful looking sapphire found across the world. The rareness of Kashmiri blue sapphire stone can be presumed from the fact that this stone is extremely hard to spot mostly this stone is seen in the exhibition.

Kashmiri blue sapphire is praised because of its mesmerizing blue cornflower color and a sleepy quality which is often being described as “blue velvet”.

However, Ceylon blue sapphires and Burmese blue sapphires are also considered to be high-quality stones.

Nonetheless, Ceylonese and Burmese blue sapphires can’t challenge the pinnacle position of Kashmiri blue sapphires. The mystical attributes of this stone have enhanced its reputation in the gem market

Natural Kashmir Blue Sapphire

The Kashmir is situated in the northwestern region of India, lying mainly in the valley of India and Pakistan. It is described as being one of the most beautiful places in the entire world.

It is believed that sapphires were first found in this region in the 18th century, when due to the occurrence of a landslide the Padar region uncovered deposit, high up in the Himalayas at about 4,500 meters.

For a certain period of time, it produced several rare and gorgeous sapphire stones, however, lately, production decreased drastically, which compelled maharajah of Kashmir to request the British government to be sent their officials for geological assessment to find more valuable mineral down to the earth.

Unfortunately, in their report, the British government found that due to extreme mining activities mine got exhausted, and they proposed to find a new mine to acquire sapphires.

Subsequently, over years mining efforts and geological surveys were undertaken to spot new mining places. But after their rigorous hard work, they did not succeed in acquiring new mines to explore. Although it is speculated that there are many Kashmiri blue sapphire mines persist in the Himalayan region which needs to be evaluated yet.


Coming back to their availability nowadays, so now it is not common to see, and they are seen only in auctions and is extremely expensive to buy it.