Blue Sapphire | 7 Astrological Benefits of Blue Sapphire Gemstone


Undoubtedly among all the 9 precious gemstones, Blue Sapphire is very powerful as well as the quickest acting gem. Blue sapphire is dominate by Saturn. wear a blue sapphire one can gets sensible servants. The native can consistently relish happiness, Prosperity, name, and fame, advancement in within the profession, favors, from advancement in the profession, favors from government.

Complete Guide of Blue Sapphire:-

Blue sapphire is ruled by Planet Saturn. As per the astrology and planet Saturn is not only powerful planet not but also strongest planet too. Historically known as the birthstone for the month of September and it is familiar for the most effective gemstone dominate by the strongest planet. It is important to know, The Blue Sapphire stone should not wear without prescription of an astrologer as a result of it’s a strongest impact on one’s life.

Gemstone NameBlue Sapphire
Hindi NameNeelam
Ruling PlanetSaturn
OriginSri Lanka
CategoryPrecious gem
SubstituteAmethyst, Blue Topaz

Top 7 Advantages of Blue Sapphire

  1. Beneficial for Student:    Blue sapphire is one of the magical gemstone for students because Blue sapphire helps to boost confidence, increase focus and concentration power of the students after worn blue sapphire.
  2. Protects from Evil Eye Or Buri Najar: – Buri Najar or Evil Eye is consider very serious situation in human life. The People, who are adversely affects from evil Eye they can wear blue sapphire. The Blue sapphire helps to guard wearer from evil spirits, Black Magic, within the surrounding environment and Bad Company.
  3. Miraculous in Sade Sati Period: – Sade Sati period considered as very difficult period who is suffering from it and In this tough time blue sapphire helps to boost energy level and Metabolism of the wearer.
  4. Increase decision taking power:   Each decision of our life play very important role and one wrong decision can change individual’s whole life. Neelam stone is perfect solution for this problem.  Blue sapphire helps to clear confusions and doubts.  After wearing Neelam stone individual can take accurate decision.
  5. Prosperity with Blue Sapphire: – Blue sapphire helps to get rid of negative thoughts and barriers in individual life and it will facilitate in providing calmness to life.
  6. Career and success: –     Blue sapphire is helps to improve money stability and its also recover the financial loss of the wearer in the past.   Because after wearing the Neelam stone individual will get name & fame.
  7. Health Benefits:   “health is Wealth” according this famous phrase, health is the first priority of our life and According to Astrology effects, The Blue sapphire has also several healing properties and avoid depression, headache, and nervousness related problems of its wearer.

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