Saturn relation with Sun, Jupiter And Mercury in Astrological Aspects

In Vedic astrology, there are 9 planets existing. These planets are sun, moon, mars, mercury, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn, and Rahu (dragon head) & Ketu (dragon tail). All these planets have their individual position and importance.

The planets have a different relationship with each other, either friendly or enemy. Some of these planets may have an equal relationship with each other. From all these 9 plants Saturn is the strongest and the fastest acting planet. Who gives a strong effect either friendly or enemy position with other planets.

Lets us discuss Saturn relation with Sun, Jupiter, And Mercury in Astrological Aspects. The position of Saturn is more important in the birth chart, it may create the future or destroy the whole life of the person.

The position of Saturn plays an important role like other planets, but the relation with other planets in the birth chart is also important. Always there is some variation in the position of planets in the birth chart.

This position affects human life, but there is some natural gemstone that works as a remedy to protect from the negative effects of the wrong planetary position. Actually, these planets have their individual house in the birth chart and if they replace it from their house than it shows their negative effects.

Now there we will go to discuss the relationship and effects of Saturn with other planets according to Vedic astrology.


Sun is the king of all planets. It is hot in hot and dry in nature. Sun is full of energy and pride. On the other hand, Saturn is cold in nature. It is extremely slow, show discipline and hard work. Sun is also known as the father of Saturn, but the relationship between these planets is not so good. Both planets are enemy with each other.

According to Vedic astrology Combination of sun and Saturn in the birth, the chart is not good. When Saturn and Sun are in the same house in someone’s birth chart, then that person can suffer more in his/her career life.

After reading the position birth chart of these planets, astrology recommends gemstones ruby gemstone or blue sapphire to balance their position.


In Vedic astrology, Jupiter is known as GURU, BRIHASPATI, and DEVAGURA. After Venus, Jupiter is a 2nd most benefice planet. Jupiter is the biggest planet that’s why it is called guru in Sanskrit.

The planetary position of Saturn is restricted. Jupiter and Saturn are great friends, but it doesn’t mean that both planets are agreed with each other.

The relation between both planets is neutral means neither friend nor enemy. But as other planets, effects and benefits also depend on their position in different houses of the birth chart.

To increase their positive effects and also balancing their negative effects astrologer suggest yellow sapphire and for Saturn blue sapphire. These gemstones are more powerful and fastly gives result, but blue sapphire gemstone of Saturn is more reactive as compared to other.



In Vedic Astrology, Mercury is called Budh which mean cleverness. Mercury is also the closest planet to the Sun. Thus, Mercury represents intelligence and humor in a person. People whose Mercury is strong in the birth chart are blessed with thinking and creativity. A mercurial nature brings to mind, restlessness and motion.

Mercury will certainly be energizing but its energies can be good or bad. Saturn is a most distant planet, signifies justice and concentration. Mercury is in friendly relation with Saturn.

Both planets give good results, but its effects depend on the positions in the birth chart like other planets. The gemstones that always recommended by Vedic astrologers are emerald and blue sapphire stone.