Important Factors That Make Blue Sapphire Special

Important Factors That Make Blue Sapphire Special

The Blue Sapphire gemstone is considered to be special for many reasons. Being governed by the planet Saturn, it is considered to be one of the luckiest gemstones and Important factors that make blue sapphire Special that bring its wearer a lot of health, money, and wisdom.

It comprises a lot of corrective forces that oversees the overall well-being of the native.

Blue Sapphire Benefits

In Vedic astrology, it is considered that neelam gemstone benefits are very effective. It is said to bring good health to the people who wear them. The Vedic science of crystal gazing has joined mysterious planets with a specific gemstone.

It impacts the mental peace of the brain and also sustains the brain’s productive energy. The gemstone oversees the brain and removes mental tension and depressions.

It helps in increasing attention and bring constructive energy to one’s life. It increases the strength of the mind, the sensory organs, and the sensory system.

It is an intense stone and it shows prompt action to the wearer. It is, therefore, important to get a certificate of authenticity from a reputable gem testing lab before wearing the gemstone.

It is best to buy the gemstone from a certified dealer or buy online blue Sapphire to get the best effect on one’s health and mental well-being.

Some Other Benefits Of Wearing Blue Sapphire Gemstone

  • Removal of pessimism and fear of the unknown
  • It helps in soothing the senses and induces serenity
  • It helps in boosting finances
  • It provides various sources of income for the wearer
  • It provides name, fame, and reputation.
  • It dispels misunderstanding and is blessed with mental clarity.
  • It helps in making the correct decision
  • It takes away exhaustion, improves digestion, improves concentration and awareness
  • It gives the spiritual capacity to perform austere spiritual practices, helps in improving the quality of meditation and aids in the quest for self-realization.

Needless to say, Blue Sapphire stone is special because of the astrological possessions that make it both gorgeous and captivating.

If you are not using diamond, you should be using this gemstone because of the resulting special qualities it boasts of:

Hardness And Durability Of Blue Sapphire

Belonging to the corundum family, the Blue Sapphire is hard and durable. The firmness of Blue Sapphire is 9.0 MOH on the scale, which is just less than diamond.

The stone comprises metals like aluminum and Chromium. It can be cast into any kind of jewelry like rings and pendants. The stone can be cut and shaped into anything, without being worried about cracks on the stone.

Rarity Of Blue Sapphire

Flawless, clear blue sapphires are rare to be found. They are extremely durable, captivating. It is rare to find a natural blue sapphire. They are rarely available without any flaws and are therefore considered high-end jewelry.

Beauty Of Blue Sapphire

One cannot compare its beauty with any of the other gemstones. It tends to capture the light and the dazzle more than any other gemstone. Some captivating jewelry that can be made of Blue Sapphire gemstones are rings, necklaces, and more.

Blue Sapphire Gemstone Carat Weight

The carat of Blue Sapphire plays an important role in determining its price. The higher the carat, the heavier the weight.

In fact, Sapphires are heavier than compared to other stones. Blue Sapphire is smaller than compared to the diamond of the same carat. Hence, diamonds of higher carat stone make some splendid jewelry.


Cut Of Blue Sapphire

The value of Blue Sapphire largely depends on its cut. The cut should be precise and clean. It needs to be mentioned here that the cut of the gem enhances the beauty and the shine of the sapphire.

A lot depends on the cut of the stone to encrust it in the jewelry. Blue Sapphires are available in heart, trillion, and pear-cut, which are sold in high popularity.

Source Of Blue Sapphire

Natural Blue Sapphire is found in all parts of the world. However, Asia, Africa, and Australia are the major producers of the gemstone. Kashmir sapphires are considered to be of the best quality. The velvety blue hue from the region makes it stand apart from the other stones of its kind.