Important Factors That Make Blue Sapphire Special

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Blue sapphire gemstones are special because of its enormous physical and astrological properties which makes it so beautiful and useful. Due to its captivating appearance and magical powers, this stone is one of the most sought and demanding gemstone.

The blue sapphire gemstone is majorly being used around the world as an alternative of a diamond gemstone. The reason behind the above statement is its enthralling qualities which are not much less to diamond.

To prove this point you can go through following facts which justifies the above comparison.


The blue sapphire gemstone belongs to the corundum family, which is one of the hardest materials found in the world. The hardness of corundum is 9.0 on moh scale which is just less than diamond. This stone is composed of chemicals such as aluminum and chromium.

The hardness of blue sapphire makes it one of the best choices for rings and other jewelry. Since due to its hardness properly, this stone can be cut or shaped differently without being worried about cracks in the stone.

Furthermore, the hardness of blue sapphire makes it desirable for jewelry since it increases its durability and lifetime.


The mesmerizing blue color tends to catch the light and sparkle in a way that no other contemporary stone can do. Aside from, angelic blue color, the transparency of stone can’t be replicated by any other stone.

The blue sapphire jewelry items such as blue sapphire rings, blue sapphire necklace sparkle, has a tendency to catch the human eye, especially in women.

The applauding luster of blue sapphire exudes class in every sense and wearing it as jewelry will uphold the entire appearance of someone.


For something to have the rare properties of being extremely durable, extremely captivating and relatively rare naturally, will make it very special.

The original blue sapphire is difficult to find, and when you add this fact that most of the blue sapphire which is being sold falsely by the name of natural blue sapphire.

Then, consequently, the value of natural blue sapphire is increased. However, in reality, there are only limited resources from where a real blue sapphire gemstone can be purchased.

But, the price of original blue sapphire stone is sky high that also adds fuel in making this stone one of the rarest gemstone.

Hence, all these properties altogether make blue sapphire gemstone as one of the most promising gemstones.