Why Blue Sapphire Is Advised To Be Worn To Get Rid-Off Saadhe Saati?


In Vedic astrology, Saturn is the Strongest planet that protector the good and punishes the unjust. The astrological studies say that Saturn rewards each individual according to their karma. The three division of Sade Sati of Shani stays 2.5 years in the 12th sign from the moon sign of the native house, then on the moon sign 2.5 years to the next second zodiac sign of the horoscope for 2.5 years. This completes the 7.5 years of Sade Sati.

The entire period of the Sade Sati is awful and bears dire consequences. It is only the peak period when one must be careful, therefore astrologers always suggest to wear Neelam stone in this period. And it is generally the common saying that we reap what we sow, Saturn follows is saying strictly. So it is our karma that defines the wrath of Saturn upon us.

According to the Hindu scriptures, the period of Sade Sati is the worst that can happen to any person. So countering the effects is extremely essential. After a through analysis, one should wear the blue sapphire gemstone to pacify the effects of the Sade Sati.

Let us discuss why Blue Sapphire can Be worn To Get Rid-Off Saadhe Saati?

Three phases of Sade Sati

The Sade Sati comes in three phases. The first 2nd and 3rd phase respectively.

1. The first phase is all about expenses. It is the period where expenditures exceed the income of a person. So, the first 2.5years of Sade Sati occur when Saturn is in the 12th sign from the moon sign of the individual native.

2. The second phase of Sade Sati in when the Saturn in residing the moon sign itself. This is the dire part of the Sade Sati for 2.5years. During this time the individual has to toil and undergo a lot of hardships. Remedies must be sought out after checking the birth chart or else the conditions might worsen.

3. The third phase of Sade Sati is the last phase. In this phase, the ill effects gradually start to wear off. Income is slow so one might feel the financial crunch. In the last phase of 2.5years, one faces financial problems for 1.5 years and in the last one year, the problems are gradually relieved of the individual.

Blue sapphire For Sade Sati

The natural blue sapphire or the Neelam stone is also a protector of Sade Sati. Since the phase of Sade Sati is extremely cumbersome the remedy that pacifies the effects is the blue sapphire. The blue sapphire is a powerful gemstone in warding off the ill effects of Sade Sati. It is a very beneficial stone if the stone suits an individual.

Yes, this must accept the suitor. Therefore, It is not advised to wear without an analysis of the birth chart. The Neelam stone benefits are many as compared to any other stone. People who can wear blue sapphire bring Raj Yog in their life. There is a notion that this stone has the ability to turn a king into a bankrupt person and bankrupt into a king.

This stone changes fates and lives alike. So it is important to get a thoroughly analysis done before wearing the blue sapphire.

The myths about Sade Sati

People always fear that the wrath of Saturn will destroy them. What they do not understand is, that Saturn never harms the obliging people who have not done anything that weighs their morals and conscience. As one knows that this is the lord of karma, so even during the phase of Sade Sati the consequences one face is all because of the karma of the person.

Saturn just returns the wrongdoings of the person back to him only added with the interest. Otherwise, Saturn is rewarding in nature and immensely rewards the good. Saturn showers blessing upon the people who hold a good moral character.


Few Remedies For Sade Sati

The effects of Sade Sati also lessen by following certain remedies.

1. Remedies such as chanting the Shani Mool Mantra and Shani Mantra from the Navgrah Strotra help during the phase

2. One needs to observe fast for half a day and consume urad dal on Saturdays.

3. The individual under the phase of Sade Sati can consider wearing an iron ring in the middle finger.

These are a few remedies one can do to pacify the effects of Shani. The neelam stone is the fastest remedial solution to Sade Sati and one should only wear it after consulting an astrologer.