Why Wearing Blue Sapphire On Shani Amavasya Is More Beneficial?


Let us know why wearing Blue Sapphire on Shani Amavasya is more beneficial?

According to the astrologers, Shani Amavasya is considered to be an auspicious event for Hindus. They believe that performing shradh of dead ancestors prove entirely benevolent on this day.

Shani Amavasya happens to occur twice or thrice in a year. And on this fateful day, by offering prayers to the ferocious planet Saturn, one can ensure prosperity and happiness in his/her life.

On account of Shani Amavasya, people often pay a visit to a “Shani temple” to appease Lord Shani. Especially, those ascendants who have been suffering from saadhe saati or severe Shani Mahadasha must-visit Shani Temple and offer him mustard oil, seeds, flowers, black clothes, and food.

The astrologers conceive that on this day, beseeching in front of Lord Shani will help a person to secure his blessings. And assists a person to get rid-off from the negative Shani Dasha.

It also helps a person to avail of unprecedented wealth, health and prosperity in his/her life. Therefore, one must avail of the benefits being offered by Lord Shani on this day.

To attain the maximum advantage on this pleasant day, one should wear lord Shani blessed blue sapphire stone. It is being stated by the astrologers that Shani retains its magical power in this rare blue stone.

Consequently, donning this powerful stone in the form of rings, necklaces, and other ornaments will yield enormous benefits out of Saturn.

Thus, one should wear a natural blue sapphire stone on Shani Amavasya for obtaining spiritual forces from Lord Shani. Apart from the people who are under bad Shani Dasha or facing saadhe saati, a normal person can also wear this powerful stone on this day to relish the celestial advancement being offered by Lord Shani.

It is quite common to see people in a dilemma over the use of blue sapphire stone. They presume that this stone is only restrained up to the people who are suffering from critical Saturn Dasha.


However, it is not true in all cases; on such an auspicious occasion like Shani Amavasya, even a healthy person can also wear this stone.

Having said so, before wearing a blue sapphire stone he/she must consult an astrologer to find out whether wearing this ferocious stone will prove favorable for them or not.