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10 Interesting Facts About Blue Sapphire Gemstone

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The outstanding luster and delicate color characteristics of sapphire stones have generated curiosity among people since its inception. Peoples around the globe adore wearing blue sapphire stone to experience its magical powers and characteristics in their lives.

Besides its scintillating appearance and incomparable color other properties that have assisted in empowering the uses of blue sapphire stone is its impressive astrological properties.

The blue sapphire stone is regarded to be attached with the planet Saturn the most substantial planet in the group of all the planets.

Being placed in positive places in the horoscope of a person, it will bring enormous positive results in his/her life.

Nevertheless, today we are going to discuss the top ten interesting facts about the blue sapphire stone which will invoke one’s interest in this stone.

  1. Sapphire is known to be the official birthstone for the month of September. Thus, natives who are born under this sign can wear this stone. Moreover, the blue sapphire also proves an excellent marriage anniversary gift since the stone improves the marital relation. Alike, a blue sapphire stone is the birthstone for September. Those who are born under the zodiac sign Capricorn should also wear blue sapphire. Since blue sapphire is the birthstone of the zodiac sign Capricorn.
  2. The most popular sapphire stones are found in Australia. Sri Lanka, India especially in Kashmir, Africa, and the United States.
  3. Blue Sapphire stone belongs to the corundum family. Corundum is an extremely powerful mineral whose hardness can be measured 9.0 on moh scale which is just subsequent to diamond having 10.0 hardness on Mohs scale.
  4. Sapphires are spotted in a diverse range of colors varying from red, pink, yellow, white, purple, orange and brown. Albeit, blue is renowned to be the most popular color or of a sapphire gemstone.
  5. Sapphire is being used for centuries ago, the glimpses of their footsteps lie in history. Roman used to adopt this stone primarily as ornaments and in their wardrobe.
  6. The most distinguishing and rarest sapphire is padparadascha sapphire which appears pink. The word Padparadscha has been originated from a Sanskrit word which means lotus flower.
  7. Due to its rigidness and hardness feature, the blue sapphire stone is also being used for industrial purposes and heavy industrial uses.
  8. The extreme mystical powers of blue sapphire stone are popular among people throughout the history. At an earlier time, it was famous that wearing blue sapphire stone would heal snake bite, curbs many serious diseases and prevents against black magic and hexing.
  9. The sapphire stones are also famous for their color change property. The sapphire stone changes its color when it is displayed or exhibited to different sources of light varying from day light to incandescent light.
  10. The blue sapphire stone engagement ring is considered to be one of the best looking engagement rings due to its royal color. Therefore, in ancient time, the blue sapphire engagement rings were widely being used by emperors and kings.