How To Clean Blue Sapphire Gemstone?


Sapphires are consider to be the exceptional gift of nature to the humankind. The unbelievable and striking features of sapphires have been attract and inspired the generations for centuries.

It would not be an exaggeration to call this mineral an epitome of beauty. It is contemplate being the second hardest and lucrative mineral after the ravishing diamond.

The sapphire is state as best when its attributes are being measure against set parameters of beauty and brilliance. Besides red color sapphire which is regarded as ruby. All other colors of this mineral are nominated as sapphire.

Blue sapphire which is an excellent blue color sapphire is popular among generations. Since its inception. People adore wearing this gemstone due to its enthralling and intriguing properties.

The blue sapphire stone attains both physical as well as metaphysical properties. That make it sufficient to catch the attraction of every gem lover. However, to win the luminous advantages of sapphires; one should properly take care of this stone.

Being a hard stone it is almost impossible for this stone to perceive any daunt or physical damage. Nonetheless, due to daily wearing or doing intense jobs may diminish. The natural properties of this stone.

Therefore, to restore its intriguing properties this stone has to be clean on the regular basis.

Cleaning Blue Sapphire

While cleaning blue sapphire or Neelam stone do remember to use a mild soap or detergent powder because using chemicals to clean this stone can damage the overall properties of this stone.

To ensure effective cleaning of your stone keeps it in the soapy water. Solution for some time in order to release harmful chemicals from the stone. Wipe it off with soft cotton cloth do not use a dust cloth to clean blue sapphire.

While cleaning blue sapphire gemstone does consider. The metal in which it is inserted albeit soapy water does not affect the quality of gold or platinum jewelry.

However, make sure that don’t use any ammonia held product to clean. This gemstone because it can pollute the overall quality of this stone.


In spite of gold or platinum, which are not being affect by keeping them. Under the soapy water, in case of the metal silver don’t use soapy water because it can impair the quality of sapphire. Instead of this one can use abrasive to clean blue sapphire inserted in silver jewelry.

Apart from this, for the sake of proper cleaning and caring of blue sapphire gemstone take it to some top rated gem professionals or jewelers who can clear it off by using different procedures.

The blue sapphire stone apart from the cleaning requires perfect storage. It should be store in warm and safe place and do not keep blue sapphire with any other gem because it has the capability of soaking or losing its attributes or power in the company of other precious gemstones.