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The Value Of Sri Lankan Blue Sapphire Gemstone

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The land of Sri Lanka has gained an immense reputation for its treasure of colorful gemstones and sapphires. The Sri Lanka is affectionately being called as ratan deep which means gem island. The best quality sapphires, topazes, amethyst, and ruby are found in abundant quantity in the Sri Lanka region.

Generally, Sri Lanka is popular for producing the best quality of gemstones. However, Ceylon blue sapphire stone which is found in the Sri Lankan region is regarded as the top quality of the blue sapphire gemstone.

Albeit, a blue sapphire stone is discovered from the other regions of the world, but Ceylon blue sapphire or Sri Lanka blue sapphire derives the attention of every gem lover. The reason why Ceylon blue sapphire is considered as the best sapphire is given below:


A Sri Lankan blue sapphire possesses high clarity feature. It offers buyer eye clean sapphire stones which contain a meager number of inclusions which can’t be visible through naked eyes. Moreover, the inclusions which exist in the stone do not impact the overall quality of the stone.


The price of Ceylon blue sapphire is quite affordable and it does not put much burden on the pocket of a gemstone lover. However, the quality of sapphire is never compromised in order to sell it on a cheap price. The actual reason why this stone is sold at a cheaper price is due to the fact that in Sri Lanka sapphires are mined in abundance quantity.

And, people of all across the world love to wear this stone and they visit occasionally to this place to buy high quality blue sapphires. Therefore, the high quantity and interest of gem seeker around the world altogether scale down the price of a Ceylon blue sapphire.


It is believed that sapphires were first discovered in the land of Sri Lanka around 2000 years ago. In Sri Lanka, a large number of mines are found from where the auspicious blue sapphire stone is extracted in large quantity. After extraction, the sapphire is treated in labs wherein their overall appearance is improved using different sets of techniques.

Sri Lankan Blue Sapphire Gemstone

The Sri Lankan sapphire market has been expanding by leaps and bounds. The scintillating luster and splendid color of blue sapphire attracts each pair of eyes toward this stone.

According to a report, every year, the numerous number of tourists and gem seekers around the world land in Sri Lanka to buy rich quality sapphires.

Gem traders, retails and wholesalers also please to import these gorgeous looking gems for sale. Hence, by considering the above reasons it would not be exaggerated to say that Ceylon blue sapphire are most popular and demanding sapphire stone.