Proper Guideline About Precious Blue Sapphire Stone


Proper Guideline About Precious Blue Sapphire Stone,Blue sapphire Known as the harbinger of health and wealth, they are precious stones for the fact that they cannot be found too often. Even if they are found, they would have some or the other type of flaws.

According to Vedic astrology, Blue Sapphire represents the planet Saturn- one of the strongest in the solar system.

Astrologers believe that Saturn is a hard worker and imbibes the same in the person who wears the sapphire.

In clearer terms, the planet and the gem associated with it relates to people who work hard. Certainly, people who cannot work hard cannot reap the benefits of the Blue Sapphire.

How to determine if the blue sapphire is fake

Planning to buy precious stones? Get it certified first or else do not buy. An authentication certificate can help establish the fact that the sapphire is natural.

Look For Flaws Of Blue Sapphire:

Yes, you heard that right! Natural Sapphire have some or the other flaw in them.

So, if you see small specks and blemishes, you are holding the natural stone. Lab-created sapphires do not have any inclusions.

The Gemstone Breath Test:

Breath on your gemstone and note how much time that stone takes to clear it up. If it is within one or two seconds, the stone is natural, otherwise, it is fake.


Check The Gem For Air Bubbles:

Glasses when treated in a similar way like that of blue sapphires, form air bubbles.

Look thoroughly for the same in the stone that has been handed over to you. If you do find bubbles, then you are holding a fake sapphire.


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